Document Management System - softDMS

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are challenged to meet control documentation requirements in day to day operations.Effective document management and document control are critical parts to any quality and compliance solution. Global Regulatory agencies expects that all regulated companies follow current industry best practices throughout the manufacturing process. To meet these requirements Phama Soft Sol developed Document Management System software which helps to control and distribute the SOP's , STP's and other regulated documents.

Document management software systems not only reduce the costs of compliance, but also help you improve process and product quality. Document Management System(softDMS) able to retrieve the information you need-exactly when you need it-minimizes the possibility of miscommunication and mistakes which in turn minimize risks, manhours and other documentation errors.

Document Management System software is also an easy tool to control the documents for sharing and retrieval at the same time safeguarding the Document Management System at a low cost.In other words, having the right documentation available at the right time will save organization's time and money.

Document Management – Features

Document Initiation and Approval

E-Mail Alerts and Notifications

Approval of Document and training

Document Master List View and Document Search

Master Lists and Documents can be viewed by the authorized users.

Distribution of Documents, Print at Department Level

Current Version Availability

Tracking and Reminder for Revision

Revision Control

Approved Document Search:

Find Document:

Audit Trails

Security to the Documents

Controlled Document Access

Integrates with Other Applications

Benefits to the Document Controller

Handle many document’s at a time & Status view

Automates document review and approvals as a paperless solution

Email alerts for each document revision dues and over dues

Select the document initiators , reviewers and approvers online

Auto updating of Master Lists

Share document’s online

Print document’s at department level

Benefits User

Save Time

Data in Your Possession

E-Mail Alerts for the required activities

Review the document any time and in any place

Documentation Status and availability

Online Document view

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