Product Summary:

Pharma Soft Sol’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), sometimes referred to as a Laboratory Information System (LIS) or Laboratory Management System (LMS), is a software-based laboratory and information management system that offers a set of key features that support a modern laboratory's operations. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) can control, manage, organize and document information related to analytical activity thus saving time and money. Locating certain types of testing information or documentation can be easily fulfilled using software search functions. The ability to automate more procedures reduces the risk for human error and allows personnel to be used for other types of work providing a better cost benefit ratio. All these parameters should work together to reduce the analysis time and cost of production.

For example, a LIMS can analyze samples regarding the efficacy of a drug or chemical product, or screen repetitive tasks for daily operations. As mentioned, these tools can also analyze and support workflow by providing essential testing tools for every stage of the workflow process or by promoting the consistent use of chemicals and physical products in the laboratory for a kind of electronic quality control process.

About softLIMS:-

softLIMS Specially developed and validated software to meet standard functionality that supports the complex testing, workflow, reporting, and regulatory requirements inherent in the drug development and manufacturing process.

softLIMS is often the best software for dealing with the kinds of bulk data that a laboratory operates on and ensure laboratory operations are compliant with various standards and regulations.

Run your lab more efficiently by automating tasks and integrating with instruments and systems

  • Sample Registration and Sample Tracking
  • Data Entry or Results Entry with Auto calculation
  • Sample Scheduling (stability/shelf life studies)
  • Electronic Data Entry (instrument integration)
  • Chemical/Reagent Inventory
  • Instrument Management
  • Water Analysis Management
  • Environment Management System
  • Time Tracking
  • easy to setup and with the web based interface makes any PC ready to use the system

PSS softLIMS Saves the Time and Skilled Manhours:

  • Cost in QA,QC Operations would be reduced remarkably with single entry solution
  • Valuable Man-hours of technical staff as there is less paper work with data access through LIMS application for all stages of analysis and recording of results
  • Time Spent on Manual Calculations as all calculations are predefined and validated in the software
  • Time Spent in writing and checking Reports can overcome with online data verification and review.
  • Time Saved is utilized for other important and Productive tasks in the lab

 There are many advantages that the incorporation of a Laboratory Information Management System has over a more manual, traditional laboratory. Some of these include improved Efficiency, the ability to go paperless, cost reduction, and compliance.



Improved efficiency is easily recognized when you eliminate the potential for errors from manual data entry. The greater the amount of samples being processed and the total workload, the greater the chance for an error. On the other hand, LIMS streamlines data entry by automating the process. This results in less downtime, faster access to data, and the ability for the LIMS to grow with the increasing needs of the lab.


 Another great ‘paperless’ feature of LIMS is the ability for online access data or as PDF documents. There are many examples of projects for implementing a paperless lab and how they benefited their labs, and one example showed a 30-40% gain in resources as a result of going paperless.

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