Product Qualty Review - PQR

Regular periodic or rolling quality reviews of all registered pharmaceutical products, including export only products, should be conducted to highlight any overall trends and to identify product/process improvements by verifying and identifying

  • The consistency of the existing process(es)
  • Trends in product data
  • The appropriateness of current specifications for starting materials, intermediates and finished products
  • Deficiencies not detected by routine testing, monitoring or performance metrics
  • Identify opportunities for product and process improvements
  • In view of the above requirement Pharma Soft Sol designed - PQR software to meet the latest requlatory and industry Product Quality Review requirements.

    Advantages of PQR

    Online approvals, Notifications and Status view

    Online view of PQR status

    Online product data entry

    Product wise identification of issues or trends

    Product summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations

    Online approvals, Notifications and Status view

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