EBMR/softBMR – Electronic Batch Record Management System

Batch Records preparation, Approval, issuance, recording of Batch manufacturing details, maintenance of the batch data and archival of records are very critical to Pharma Industry in order to produce quality products as well as to meet cGMP. This can be easily achieved through Pharma Soft Sol’s Electronic Batch Record Management System Software (softBMR)

softBMR -  Batch Record Management System Software is specially designed software to meet the Good Documentation and Manufacturing Practices in Pharma and Biotech Industries. When compare with other online Electronic BMR Management solutions Pharma Soft Sol’s - softBMR exactly meets the current Pharma and Biotech industry manufacturing requirements and procedures.

softBMR  is specially designed software to meet the product specific and company specific requirement with a unique number and product code registration for each record and also  to meet all operational requirements for Batch manufacturing.  The requirements for different formulations and different process flow requirement are inbuilt in the software. In a total the softBMR exactly meets the current automated Batch Record Management system approval and execution management.

softBMR can be installed directly in the company server and used as an online software solution. Users can login from any computer in the LAN or in web browser without usual problems resulting from application software, location or PC compatibility.

softBMR – Features

BMR initiation and Approval

New  BMRs  and change BMRs can be initiated for review and approval. The comments during review can be given in the software by reviewers and approvers as reviewers comments.

E-Mail Alerts and Notifications

E-mail and Notifications will be populated automatically to the required users for each stage during the initiation, review and approval of a BMR

BMR Master List View and BMR Search

Master Lists of  BMR can be viewed by the authorized users.

In Master list of BMRs Status View like Number of approved BMRs, Pending for approval and revision etc. can be seen online.

Execution of BMR at Department Level

The approved BMRs can be requested online as Manufacturing Request for regular batch manufacturing. The manufacturing request can be approved by the designated approver to initiate the Batch Manufacturing Execution.

Benefits by using softBMR -

Handle many BMR’s and BPR’S at a time & Status view

Automates BMR & BPR review and approvals as a paperless solution

Email alerts for each BMR & BPR review and approvals

Select the BMR& BPR initiators, reviewers and approvers online

Auto updating of Master Lists

Share BMR’s & BPRS’s online

Benefits to the Production  for  Execution of the BMR ‘s & BPR’s-

BMR & BPR Execution Request, review and approval online

BMR & BPR Execution is online

BMR & BPR manufacturing history with reports online

E-Mail Alerts for the required activities

Review the BMR & BPR any time and in any place

BMR & BPR Status and availability

Online BMR & BPR  view

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