softLIMS -Stability Management:

Stability Module in softLIMS is a complete software to meet the requirements in pharmaceutical stability testing programs and stability management. It can be installed at your server and access from anywhere with your web browser.

softLIMS Stability Module manages your  total stability testing program , so you can provide required stability data  to regulatory authorities  with out delay and analyze your data statistically.

softLIMS Stability Module is a well developed software that organizes efficient study management, flexible storage conditions and testing capabilities which satisfy all regulatory criteria for your real time, accelerated or forced-degradation study requirements.

Key Features:

  • Preparation ,Review and approval of Stability Protocol 
  • Stability Management Module provides Stability tests schedule over varying periods of time with varying intervals, as defined in the Stability Protocol
  • Automatic generation of AR Numbers as per Protocol for each sample interval
  • Automatic calculation of test results and Individual COA generation
  • Summary to show the Status flow of work
  • Individual Job Allotment Option to Analysts
  • Option to take Print out of worksheet for Analysis
  • Provides various reports like protocol reports ,schedule report,COA reports,quantity withdraw report,schedule deviation reports etc.
  • Complete audit trails for all critical activities

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