Learning or Training Management System

Training or Learning in Pharma Industry varies from the regular training as it requires different trainings as per their operations and GMP.

Pharma Soft Sol Learning Management System (LMS) is a specially designed Software for Employee Training required in the Pharma and Biotech industry. Pharma Soft Sol's LMS is easy-to-implement software to all types of Trainings in the company and designed to ease the training requirements without spending too much time and resources. The Learning Management System enables you to schedule, track and report on employee training, Schedules, certifications and qualification for individual employees or workgroups. It gives you complete, real-time visibility into the performance of your training program.

Existing or Manual System

Volume of Trainings:-

The more employees you need to train, the harder it is to track. This is especially true if trainees work different shifts in different locations, or if employees need to undergo different types of training simultaneously. For most companies, training usually means retraining because it’s a requirement that has to be fulfilled on a regular basis.

Communication for Trainings:-

Tracking calls for two-way communication. The training coordinator needs to inform all trainees about their tasks. Just as important, trainees need to communicate back upon completion of training. And in between, there’s a need to remind people or escalate tasks. Paper-based and hybrid systems create unnecessary added work with uncoordinated e-mail messages, phone calls, and face-to-face communication that are difficult to track.

Revision and Updations of Systems:-

Changes made to key processes almost always trigger modifications to design, SOP, or work instruction documentation. For each change, retraining must be performed and documented. Disconnected change control and training systems in paper-based or hybrid environments are extremely error-prone and labor-intensive.

Training Records and Data Retrieval:-

Tracking training events, generating reports for till date completed trainings require lot of manpower and man hours. During regulatory inspections and other requirements it is not only a time taking process also a challenge to the organization.

About LMS Software:-

Managing total training requirements through software will have a great advantage when compare to manual process.

In view of the above Pharma Soft sol designed LMS (Learning Management Solution) to provide online training to all employees without missing a single training event.

The LMS  or Training Management  System help you execute, document, track, and manage all your training requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. This software is flexible, allowing you to create and deploy a variety of simple or extensive training courses that require users to learn their tasks and demonstrate competency.

 LMS is a Webbased application making it easy for onsite and offsite employees to complete training tasks virtually anywhere.

LMS can be linked with other modules like Document Management System and other QMS Softwares.


Here are some of benefits of the Learning Management System.

1. Scheduling for yearly training schedule based on all departments’ requirements.
2. Send automated alerts to employees required to complete training.
3. Send alerts for pending and overdue training requirements to employees and supervisors.
4. Track training requirements and progress at multiple levels including: employee, job title, work group, department, division, facility, and location.
5. Report on training by course, employee, job title, work group, division, location, year and more.
6. Streamline training management workflow, reducing duplication of employee efforts.
7. Archive training histories for year-round internal and external audit preparedness.

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