Vendor Management System- VM

All the vendors of the products shall be evaluated and qualified right from the stage of product development to finished product manufacturing of the product. The pharmaceutical company is ultimately responsible to ensure processes are in place to assure the control of outsourced activities and quality of purchased materials.

These processes should incorporate vendor management and include:

(a) Assessing prior to outsourcing operations or selecting material suppliers, the suitability and competence of the other party to carry out the activity or provide the material using a defined supply chain (e.g., audits, material evaluations, qualification).

(b) Defining the responsibilities and communication processes in a written agreement between the contract giver and contract acceptor.

(c) Monitoring and review of the performance of the contract acceptor or the quality of the material from the provider, and the identification and implementation of any essential improvements.

(d) Monitoring incoming ingredients and materials to ensure they are from approved sources using the agreed supply chain.

In order to meet these requirements Pharma Soft Sol developed vendor management system software to organize the detailed vendor management process that includes development, qualification & re requalification of vendors.

Advantages of Vendor Management System Software–

Approved Vendor List online

Maintain Audit Schedules online

E-Mail Alerts and Notifications

Automatic requalification schedule population

Vendor evaluation with required check lists

Categorization vendor audits

Track vendor audit progress

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