E-Log Management System

Maintaining an equipment logbook is a mandatory requirements as per FDA 21 CFR 211.182 Equipment cleaning and use log requirements. Equipment Log Management (ELOG) is one of the essential elements of a quality management system. Proper log management of the equipment in the organization is necessary to ensure accurate, reliable, and timely manufacturing details of products

The E-LOG software is a Web-based application specifically deals with the requirements related to the Equipment Usage ,Cleaning, calibration and other details Log for all equipments. E-Log Management helps organization to enter the usage details of each & every equipment or instrument in a GMP manufacturing environment.The Equipment use log can be included with automatic date, time, product, and lot number of each batch processed.

The entered details or logs can be verified and reviewed through approval workflows. The system allows end users to design equipment log forms as per approved SOPs. Any type of form can be created for the equipment based on the user requirement.

E-Log Management System – Advantages

  • Manage Batch manufacturing time recording online
  • Maintain Equipment and Usage Logs Cleaning
  • Maintain Calibration, Inspection and Maintenance Logs of Equipments
  • Print, View and Export Equipment Logs to different File Formats
  • Alerts and Notifications
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