Chemical Management


One of the  biggest challenges to regulated industry Quality control Lab is  management of chemicals. Even we have many latest systems in place the management of Chemicals is equally plays a vital role to comply with regulatory requirements as well as GLP Practices.

The management and control of chemicals is the responsibility of the Quality Control department which involves in the procurement, stock entry, issuance  and disposition of chemicals. As there are many chemicals are used in the laboratory for different purposes, physical maintenance of chemical  inventory  become a tedious job to the department or company. Hence automation of chemical inventory management makes the job easier. Chemical Management module covers all the activities like Registration of Chemical / Chemical Lot, Maintains complete inventory of the chemicals.

SoftLIMS – Chemical Management Module gives a complete solution to  Lab chemical management.

SoftLIMS- Chemical management module  is a well developed software that handles all chemicals management, with flexible features  which satisfy all regulatory criteria for stock maintenance, consumption and destruction of the chemicals in the Lab.

Advantages of  PSS - Chemical Management :-

  • Chemical registration with unique code or material code
  • Automatic Stock statement & Stock card for each chemical
  • Chemical Issuance, Destruction and Expiration traceability
  • Automatic Chemical consumption record generation
  • Map MSDS certificates of chemicals
  • Stock balance for each chemical availability
  • Automatic removal of expired chemicals from issuance
  • Chemicals Storage Management
  • Traceability of all activities with 100% audit trials

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