Column Management


One of the  biggest task to regulated industry Quality control Lab is  management of columns. Even we have many latest systems in place the management of Columns is equally plays a vital role to comply with regulatory requirements as well as GLP Practices.

The management and control of columns is the responsibility of the Quality Control department which involves in the procurement, usage  and disposition of columns. As there are many types columns are used in the laboratory for analytical purposes, physical maintenance of column  inventory  become a tedious job to the department or company. Hence automation of column  management makes the job easier.

About softLIMSColumn Management

SoftLIMS – Column Management Module gives a complete solution to  Lab column management.

SoftLIMS- Column management module  is a well developed software that handles all columns management, with flexible features  which satisfy all regulatory criteria for maintenance, consumption and disposition of the columns in the Lab.

This module enables registration of column application like HPLC/GC, individual column IDs, column assignment to product/Material testing. System suitability parameters can be defined as performance tests. Columns will be subjected to an initial acceptance test based on the performance criteria specified for the assignment. The module also provides for regular usability tests and usage records and column regeneration to meet GLP requirements. Reports include available columns status, Column suitability &acceptance certificates and Usage records

Key Features:

Separate Registration for each column type and column

Provides Complete Column inventory with all details like Type, Material, particle Size etc.

Automates tracking of no of injections & columns approaching maximum no of injections can be notified

Automatic numbering for each column type.

Qualification of column before usage.

Column Usage details with product recording and report generation

Provides wide variety reports like complete Column index, Usage, Destroy, Qualification & column type.

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